l4Welcome to Parkside Laundromat.

Parkside Laundry Service offers an array of professional services for both residential and commercial customers.

From our free detergent & quick wash cycles to our free Wi-Fi, there are so many reasons to do your laundry with Parkside Laundromat. Our laundry assistant is always available to answer your questions. And don’t forget, unlike some Laundromats, we’re full service.

Why bring your laundry to Parkside Laundromat?

  • Open 24h Everydayl5
  • High Efficiency machines
  • Extra Large Dryers
  • Free Laundry Bags
  • Frequent Washer Club
  • Drop off Laundry
  • Wash Dry
  • Fold Service
  • Midnight Specials
  • Great Service